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Getting Started in Community Access Television

There are two ways to become eligible to use the studio and field production equipment we offer for creating a CTV-192 program:

Custom Training - This is a project-based training where an individual from the community has already considered something they may like to produce. By filling out the a program proposal form and recieving approval, one or more participants can begin training to complete that program or series. If you already have some knowledge of the process and you just want the form - click the image to download the program proposal form:     Click here for

Advanced Traininng - The training course is held 3 times each year with sessions beginning in early February, June, and September and provides local residents, ages 17 and up, with classes in group and one-on-one settings in a 12-week program.

Acceptance into the course is based on your ability to attend the required classes, volunteer on productions, and a desire to create your own programming for the channel. Class size is approximately 15-20 participants. No experience is necessary.This course is open to anyone who resides within the Charter franchise area and is available to *non-residents on a space available basis.


Download the Application Here(.pdf)

Review the Course Syllabus here!...Click here to see the Schedule(.pdf)

Using CTV production equipment and facilities you will learn studio production, field and mobile truck production, editing, lighting and sound for video. By creating programming and volunteering during community productions each trainee will become familiar with basic production theory and operation.

A participant's progress through the program is measured by a system of credits in which each activity has a credit value. CTV staff will monitor participants' activity and provide guidance to allow each individual to complete the program.

Upon graduation you will be welcome to stay with CTV as a producer or on-call volunteer.

Producing a program for CTV-192 is easy. The points below will give you some guidance, but the best place to start is a phone call to speak with a staff member (203) 304-4050

  •   Start with an idea. When you commit to expressing an idea, opinion, or event through the medium of video you are immediately presented with variables of opportunity or direction. Known as the details It is these decisions you make that will shape the look of the finished production.

  • Pre-Production- Apply the five "W"s to your idea like: "What will I record?" "When is it happening?" and "Where is it taking place?" "Who will I be recording?" and "How will I capture this?" These and other decisions will help you to hone your idea down to manageable steps program idea. For example: If your program idea is to tape a public lecture on local history at the town hall, start by researching all the details of the event. For example:
      A. Get the contact information of the organization and any presenters.
      B. Find out the exact time of the lecture and if you can arrive an hour early.
      C. Confirm which room in the event will take place and that someone will be able to let you in ahead of time.
    The more familiar you are with the event the greater success you will have in creating a recording of it. One of the many skills you will develop is the ability to ask other people to assist you, some of whom you are meeting for the first time.

  • Communicate - Cameras can make people nervous. Get permission from the organization and any guest who may be recorded. Signify your intentions at every opportunity. "I'm recording this to air on CTV-192." Most groups will welcome coverage as long as it doen't disrupt the event or affect anyone attending.

  • Use our handy Program Proposal form for organizing your idea. This form has a place for the all the information we need to know before we can help you with training or equipment. We will also help you fill out the form.